Blue Diamond Technologies was formed to meet the environmental and economic challenges of the 21st Century. 

Our global environment and the increase in world population demands efficient, safe, and cost reasonable technologies to deal with waste and hazardous materials. Agricultural, energy and sustainability, and the environmental technology industries are mounting priorities for high-quality living space in the 21st Century.

Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.
— Isaac Asimov

Blue Diamond Technologies was formed to meet these environmental and economic challenges. Our company is currently deploying two of our state-of-the art, patented technologies which generate renewable energy and extract optimal value from existing waste streams. 

The initial technological concepts were designed around water treatment facilities and waste tire recycling and the company currently holds four intellectual properties and multiple patents in Waste Tire Recycling - RecycleJet™, Waste Effluent Treatment - W.E.T., pork processing, and bio-energy. Of these four technologies, the waste tire recycling and waste effluent treatment technologies are in the advanced stage in which joint ventures have been formed to construct and operate facilities that utilize these two technologies. 

Waste Tire Recycling - RecyclejetTM

Our mission is to blend the RecycleJet™ technology with our passion and commitment. We will reduce the tire industrial waste destined for landfills in order to minimize the impact on the global environment.

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Waste Effluent Treatment - W.E.T.

Our mission is to provide global access to contaminant free water, while focusing on creating industry standards in Waste Effluent Technologies - W.E.T.

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The global environmental market is vast and rapidly growing. Environmental technologies exports are an important part of a global trend of economic development combined with strong ecological concerns. Given the strength of the environmental industry, environmental technologies‘ exports should continue to play a very significant role in the global market.